How to make a Sanitizer at Home?

It’s almost two years since the pandemic has hit the world and the only thing which can help us to save ourselves is taking precautions. Precautions include washing/Sanitizing hands at regular intervals. There is a shortage of sanitizer at most places. Here are some simple steps which will help you to make your own sanitizer.

Warning:- These methods are meant to be performed by Adult Individual as it contains Inflammable and poisonous ingredients.

What is a Sanitizer?

Hand sanitizer is usually is alcohol-based liquid or gel to kill the majority of germs and bacteria/microbes. Hand Sanitizer is not usually preferred as it may cause rashes or allergic reactions. Answerpup recommends the use of soap and water in most cases. Use of sanitizer should be done in case you’re out or no availability of water and soap.

What all you need to make your own Hand Sanitizer?

Below is the list of substances you need to make your own sanitizer

  • Rubbing Alcohol or Medical Spirit or Ethyl Alcohol (97-99% Alchohol )

Alcohol is the main content of your sanitizer as it would be the one killing all the germs while you are busy shaking hands or adjusting your face masks.

  • Aloe Vira Gel / Glyserin

This will act as a medium for your sanitizer as alcohol alone may damage your skin.

  • A few drops of Clove Oil/ Essential Oil (Optional)

There will help you to mask the pungent smell of the alcohol.

What are the steps to make your own Sanitizer?

  1. Make sure your hands are clean and properly washed before you start with the actual steps
  2. People alergic to Alchohol are recommended to wear gloves
  3. Clean all the equipments before use
  4. Pour the rubbing alcohol into the mixing bowl along with aloevera or glyserin
  5. Strir the mixture untill completly blended
  6. Add few drops of clove/essential oils to mask the smell of alcohol
  7. (Optional) Add few drops of rose water or your fav fragrence.

Your sanitizer is ready to use. Make sure you store the mixture in a tight container away from children to avoid any problems.

If In case you are interested in making IT in large quantity you can follow the WHO Guidelines here.

How to store Sanitizers?

Alcohol-based sanitizers are generally highly inflammable and should be stored with high precautions otherwise they may cause accidents. Following steps must be marked sure when you store sanitizers

  1. It should be stored in a cool place
  2. It should not be kept in places near open flames and heat
  3. The container should be tight so sanitizer does not evaporate
  4. You should avoid leakage if sanitizer at all cause as it may catch fire

Apply Sanitizer correctly

Sanitizer must be applied correctly to avoid any adverse effects. It should be taken in small amounts and rubbed thoroughly throughout the surface of your hand. Rub your both hands until the hand surface is dry.

Benefits of Hand Sanitizers.

  1. Sanitizers are more effective in terms of germ-killing but may be ineffective on organic dirt and mud. They need to be washed with water and soap.
  2. It requires less time when compared with soap
  3. It kills more germs
  4. It reduces Microorganism count on the hand.
  5. Less irritating to skin than soap
  6. Does not require waters

Although Sanitizers are very effective in terms of killing germs but are still not effective on the below-listed microbes.

  • Cryptosporidium
  • Clostridium difficile
  • Norovirus

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