What is a Podcast? How to Start a Podcast in India?

What is a Podcast? How to Start a Podcast

Hello readers, If you are here then you might have heard about the term podcast, and if you are very curious to know about the term that what is a Podcast? and How to start a podcast in India then you are at the right place, here you will get an exact idea what is a Podcast and getting started with Podcast. Now it is being used on many platforms in India.

In India, podcasts are not very popular but in some of the developed countries such as America, it is very popular, so many people are unaware about the term podcast so we will try to explain the best way what is a podcast? Also if you are interested How to start a podcast in India?

What is a Podcast?

A podcast is a recording of the audio discussion on a specific topic such as business, lifestyle, news, lifehacks, entertainment, etc that is available in series of episodes or parts to be downloaded by the end-users. If you are reading something in the text form then it will be called an article and if it is recorded in audio form then it will be called a podcast.

It can be an excellent way to improve your knowledge, you can subscribe to a podcast so that whenever a new episode of it gets released you get notified. A podcast show is a way to provide some kind of information or value to the listening audience. 

Listening to a podcast isn’t hard, either. Both iPhones and Android phones now have native podcast apps that work for most people. Spotify also has a podcast section too. You can subscribe to and follow a show on any of these platforms

How to start a Podcast in India?


One of the best things is that you can start a podcast in India at very cheap. You don’t need radio broadcasting and receiving station you can start it with good internet and connect it to millions of peoples. To start a podcast in India you need to have a computer or a smartphone for the podcast, a good internet connection, and find a good platform for a podcast. There are plenty of websites available for podcasts.

  2. Buzzsprout
  3. Podbean

If you are willing to start a podcast with your smartphone then you can use the Anchor app for android as well as Apple because it is among the most popular app for podcasts.

  1. Android – Anchor
  2. Apple – Anchor

After downloading the app the first thing you have to create an account on the platform and get familiar with the interface you will see the options to upload podcasts.

Equipment that you need to Start Podcast in India?

Below are some of the equipment that you need to start a podcast in India.

  • Computer
  • Speaker
  • Microphone
  • Mic Stand
  • Headphones
  • Recording Editing software
  • Mixer


Hope that you have liked our article on What is a podcast and how to start a podcast in India. If you have enjoyed our article then do share it with your friends and families or if you have any query you can ask in the comment section below.

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