How to boost the immune system?

Immunity is the power or the ability of the body to avoid or not be afflicted by any kind of disease and pathogens. Anything claiming to improve your immunity with medication is fake as there is no such medicine available in the market. If you want to increase your immunity there are several dietary and lifestyle changes that you have to adopted to boost your immune health. Boosting immunity is not an overnight job, it will take time but give you benefits.

The most important way to recover from any viral infection is only immunity. A virus is a non-living thing and it attacks our machinery, we cannot use medicine to kill them. So, having good immunity is the only way to keep yourself protected from such a virus. You can also boost the immune system naturally.

Nowadays, people are taking extreme hot water instead of boiled water, Kadhas, and other local substances to increase their immunity against Coronavirus infection, instead of boosting their immunity they are catching source roots because of doing these activities. 

There are three main integral part that helps you to increase your immunity –

1. Food – Some food will help you to increase your immunity better than the others like Fruits, Green vegetables, Root vegetables, Ginger, Clove, Garlic, Turmeric, Honey(with lemon juice), take food that is rich in Vitamin C and also there is some food that you should avoid to increase your immunity like Junk food, anything that contains lots of oil and spice, Animal protein, etc., they are immunity killers. Apart from this ‘Green tea’ is a good immunity booster. Try to eat lots of fibre-rich food, it will not only increase your immunity but also helps to stabilize your digestive system. 

One Mantra to keep in your mind is “No Nutrition but Calorie” (Avoid food that has calories but no nutrition).

2. Lifestyle – There are some lifestyles that you should adopt in your daily routine like Walking (30 minutes’ walk is sufficient for a day), 8 hours sleep is must be required for the body for healing, Eating habits( time should be proper for eating), Sleeping habits(rising and sleeping time should be proper), instead of eating large meals in long gaps try to eat small meals in multiple gaps, it will not only increase your immunity but overall as a healthy being.

3. Yoga and Meditation – Yoga and Meditation will help you to boost your immunity and also to calm/cool your brain down. Anxiety at present moment is the biggest killer of all because it links with high blood pressure, high blood sugar, heart diseases, etc. It is killing more people than anything else. Do whatever feels good for you and it will be more than enough.

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Applying all these home remedies in your daily routine will help you to boost your immunity naturally. You will see a difference in your immunity power after 1 or ½ years like it will slow down your affected rate from flu and cold. 

If you are looking for how to boost immune system in kids then As a parent, you should ensure that your child eats healthy so that it can boost up their immune system and helps them to fight against any virus and fungal infections. Instead of giving them heavy doses of medicines try to follow the following tips to increase their immunity naturally.

There are some basic food items that you should include in your child’s meal to increase their immunity: –

1. Nuts – Nuts having a rich source of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and omega fatty acids. Include different nuts in your child’s diet that will give them benefits as well as varied tastes.

2. Cheese – Cheese is high in zinc, that produces antibodies that can prevent your child from fungal infections.

3. Mushrooms – Mushrooms are also having a rich source of zinc which helps in boosting immunity. Mushrooms also have antibacterial and antiviral properties.

4. Chicken – Chicken has a good source of protein which helps to build up the immune system. It is also useful for reducing the possibilities of common cold and fever too.

5. Ginger – It is best for new-born babies as the best immunity booster during changing weather and also prevents them from a nasty cold. 

6. Papaya – It is rich in potassium, vitamins and helps to regulate the complete immune system.

7. Turmeric – It is a good source of an ingredient called curcumin which prevents children from cold, flu, etc. Milk with a small pinch of turmeric powder is very beneficial for your child.

Not only the improvement in meals but also include the following remedies in your child’s daily routine. 

1. Outdoor activities – Take your child outside to play for about 1-2 hours. Through this outdoor activity, they get a dose of healthy bacteria, and the bacteria that is already present inside their gut multiples due to play outside. This will ultimately strengthen their immunity. Those children who play for about 1-2 hours daily have good immunity power as compared to others. So, encourage them to play outside. 

2. Supplements – The two important supplements which are freely available and improves immunity are zinc and vitamin D. Expose your kids to the sun to the maximum. Sunlight provides them vitamin D and food containing a rich amount of zinc is already mentioned.

3. Sleeping Schedule – Fix a sleep schedule for kids because kids who use to get less sleep are more prone to get diseases. WBC (White Blood Cells), that fight against diseases are more active during night-time, therefore, ensure kid takes 8-9 hours of sleep during the night.

4. Avoid Antibiotics – Antibiotics weakens the immune system which leads to the reduced effect of the medicine on their body. Therefore, never force your kid’s pediatrician and don’t force them to prescribe antibiotics.

Following these ways will improve the immunity power in your child and help them to fight against coronavirus infection.  

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