What are some of the coolest words in the English language?

Adding more words to your lexical resources can be a way to improve your image and look more confident and knowledgeable. Most Native English speakers have a vocabulary of around 21,000 to 35,000 words. Thou, some words in the English language can be astonishingly cool to sound and have a completely different meaning. Besides, who doesn’t want to sound cool when they give a speech or are in an important conversation. Here are 10 words in the English Language that I personally consider cool.


Someone Emotionally weak, extremely sentimental
Example – “He had a Mawkish side”

We all have a friend or a relative who is emotionally/Sentimentally weak and breaks down at the most unusual time. Just a cool word for them, just in case.


a perfectly representative or an example of a particular kind of person or thing.
eXample – He was the quintessential tough guy.

At times we just see things that are just a perfect example of the thing we wish to represent or express. The word Quintessential can be used in place of saying a perfect example.


Someone who is not committed to believing in either the existence or the nonexistence of God or a god
Example – “I grew up in an agnostic household and have never been able to bring myself to believe in God. “

We all know someone who questions the existence of divine power or god. Agnostic refers to someone who doesn’t believe in the idea of the supreme power of God.


overwhelmed with wonder, surprise, or shock.
Example – ” I was gobsmacked when he pulled out a rifle from his car.”

You all would have heard Simon Cowell say that “He is Gobsmacked after watching a wonderful performance!” in AGT. The word Gobsmacked means the feeling of being overwhelmed with surprise or shock.


 a completely worthless conversation, small talk.
example – “It is like a complete noversation talking to Mishra.”

We all have been there. Talking to someone who we know is completely useless having a conversation with yet we still have it. In Urban Dictionary, the word Nonversation means a conversation with someone which has no meaning or importance.


Clever, Smart, Cunning
Example – “That is an astute analysis.”

Smart, Cunning, Clever or let’s say, Astute!. Astute is someone/something that is surprisingly clever or Smart!


Falling into pieces or decaying due to age or wear
Example – “It is dilapidated and it is getting rusty”

Everyone has something with them that is getting too old and decaying or getting worn off due to time. Dilapidated is a word used to represent something that is falling into pieces and is mostly used in associating ancient and old buildings that are slowly falling off.


Outrageously Bad
Example – “I am not so egregious at mathematics as you are”

When you want to express how outrageously bad someone is at something and your lexical resources are limited, be delighted to use Egregious.


Unusually pleasing/Striking, Stunningly beautiful
Example – “She looks ravishing in that red dress.”

What can be more beautiful than beautiful?. If you are stuck in this situation, don’t hesitate to use Ravishing in place of Beautiful. Ravishing is an upgrade to the word beautiful.


Not having sensibility, stupid.
example – “Are you being obtuse on purpose?”

Let’s be honest, we all wanted to learn a word in place of stupid that isn’t that intrusive. Well, feel free to use the word Obtuse!

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