How to earn money online in India for Students

Earn Money Online as a Student

If you are a student and are willing to earn money along with college studies and don’t know how to earn money. Then, we are here with an amazing article on How to earn money online in India for students. We will show you some of the best ways to earn money online as well as offline. So stick to the article.

To manage our expenses we need to some amount of money. However, there are many ways to earn money online but not all of them a student can do. Also most of the students think that they can earn money online by doing internship in some of the big companies there are many other and easy ways from where you can earn.

The internet is full of different ways to earn money online most of them are survey filling which consumes a lot of time only gives some penny amount. If you are finding some of the genuine ways to earn money online as a student then you are at right place.

Best Ways to earn money online (How to earn money online in India for students)


1. Become a Tutor

This is one of the easiest and the quickest ways to earn money if you are a student. You can teach students online as well as offline and this is the quickest way to earn money online as well as offline. You have to decide in which subject you are good at maths, English or science.

If you have a passion of teaching then you can also take this full-time and become an teacher and can also persue it a as career.

2. Blogging

This is another the another way by which you can earn money online but it isn’t that much easy as it looks you might have heard that you can create a lot amount of money by doing blogging but they hadn’t told you about the hard part of it, to earn money online through blogging you need a lot of patience.

You can earn money online through blogging you just need to start a blog of your interest or expertise and after that you have to learn digital marketing and SEO techniques and have to work consistently on your blog. But one thing you have to notice is that you can’t earn immediately with that at first you have to buy hosting and a domain and can earn money through that.

There are money students who are earning a lot of money with this technique. So it is the best way to earn money online in India for students.

3. Affiliate Marketing

Another way by which you can earn money online for students is by doing affiliate marketing. Nowadays affiliate marketing is very much popular these days. Affiliate marketing is a way in which you get commission by selling products.

There are many affiliate network which you can join and start working right now. You can join ClickBank affiliate or Amazon affiliate program to and help them to generate sale and they will generate commission.

4. Freelancing

You can earn by doing freelancing and there are many trusted freelancing websites where you can register and create a profile of yours and post a Gig. A Gig is like a temporary job, you can work when you want. Also, you can work on multiple projects at once and can work from anywhere.

One of the benefits is that you have the freedom to work from anywhere since you haven’t tied by with any of the companies. You can approach clients and get their work done.

5. Social Media Manager/ Video Influencer

You can also manage the social media accounts of different startups or brands you can approach them on LinkedIn and can start the work. Also, the Video Influencer business is on the rise in India at present time. The main reason is that people love to watch videos more than in the written form.

So if you have any interest in Video influencer or you want to try all you need is to find your interest in any topic in which you have more knowledge. It could be anything cooking, fashion, modelling art and craft, etc.

6. Social Media Influencer

There is a rapid growth in social media industry as more and more people have joined it. To become a social media influencer you don’t need any degree you can make a lot amount of money with social media influencing.

A question may arise in your mind that how can I earn money with social media influencing. The answer to the question is that you can will not earn directly with social media influencing.

Suppose you have 30 thousand followers on social media then you can do promotion and charge from them to. You can also also charge anyone to increase their follower by posting their profile.

These were the some of the best methods to earn money online in India for Students. Hope you have enjoyed that.


There are tons of different methods from where you can earn money online India as a student but the above described methods are the best that we found and you can implement them easily you don’t need a large amount of investment for that. If you liked you post or have some more methods regarding that then do tell us in the comment section.

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