What are some of the famous movie quotes ever?

Every person has a favorite movie quote that we always like to reminiscence. May it be the “There’s no place like home!” from the 1939 movie ‘The Wizard of Oz’ or “This is the beginning of a beautiful friendship” from 1942 classic ‘Casablanca’. These famous movie quotes and their characters strike a chord within us and keep reminding us of the movie. Here are 10 of the most famous movie quotes ever:

1. “I am going to make him an offer he can’t refuse”

(The Godfather 1972)

Un-arguably one of the most famous movie quote ever uttered by a gangster in a movie, everyone has heard the line at least once in their lifetime from the 1972 film The Godfather where Marlin Brando calmly delivers one of the most innocent-sounding lines with sheer calmness. Simply marvelous.

2. “I am Ironman”

(Avengers: Endgame)

The scene that even made a grown man cry, the line from the final scenes of the Avengers: End Game. Robert Downey Jr. playing Iron Man, says, “I’m Iron Man”, before snapping his fingers to disintegrate Thanos and his army. A true superhero. 

3. “The name is Bond, James Bond”

(James Bond Franchise)

One of the most successful secret agent/spy franchises ever, every 90s and early 2000s kid remembers Pierce Brosnan aka Agent 007 from Golden Eye introducing himself in the most charming manner. After watching the movie, we all have at least tried once introducing ourselves with our last name.

4. “Why so serious?”

(The Dark Night)

There are villains, there are super villains in superhero movies and then there is Joker. One of the most liked villains in any movie of all time, the late Heath Ledger gave us one of the most amazing performances ever as a villain. This quote from The Dark Night and the sheer darkness and depth of the character has given us one of the most gut-wrenching quotes and scenes ever.

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5. “To infinity and beyond!

(Toy Story)

There are very few animated movies that strike a chord within you as a child and Toy Story easily is hands-down one of the favorite animated movies of most early 2000s kids. The famous quote by Buzz Lightyear has always put a smile on our faces as a kid.

6. “Welcome to Jurrasic Park!”

(Jurrasic Park 1993)

We all have at least once wondered watching the movie for the first time how they were able to bring the marvellous and not to be mistaken dinosaurs to life leaving all of us spellbound. Being one of the first movies using CGI, John Hammond introducing his guest to Jurrasic Park is one of the most iconic scenes ever.

7. “May the force be with you”

(Star Wars)

“May the force be with you” has to be one of the most used quotes from a movie around the world. As the Star Wars Saga has evolved, the line has now become a staple for hardcode Start War fans and also has now become a kind of greeting or blessing for some. Gob smacking! 

8. “Basanti in Kutto ke Saamne mat nachna”


One of the most iconic Bollywood movies of all time which has delivered us some of the most recognized and dramatic characters and quotes, the 1975 film starring Dharmendra and Amitabh Bachchan is still, one of the best Bollywood movies, of all time. 

9. “Don ko pakadna mushkil he nahi, naamunkin hai”

(Don, 2006)

Who is more suitable than the king of Bollywood himself, Shah Rukh Khan, to play the role of Don in the 2006 movie DON. Hands-down one of the most classic lines with one of the most charismatic acting from the king himself has always had a space in our hearts.

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10. “Ja simran Ja, jeele apni zindagi”

(Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge, 1995)

Raj and Simran’s love story is one that every Indian knows. Known to be the longest-running Bollywood movie in history, the 1995 film starring Shah Rukh Khan, Kajol, and the marvelous Late Amrish Puri has made us fall in love with the characters like never before. The moment where Amrish Puri lets off Simran’s hand telling her to ‘Go! Live your life’ and Raj stretching his hand to get Simran on the train is a moment that all of us have cherished.

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